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Australian Chiropractors are calling for a greater use of chiropractic care to address the nation's $250 million cost each year linked to migraine headaches.  Migraine headaches affect 12% of Australians and represent a $250 million cost to industry in absenteeism and lost productivity each year,

Chiropractors have long believed in the positive effects of chiropractic on migraine and research now confirms chiropractic treatment can significantly reduce  the symptoms that leave sufferers debilitated for days.

Research conducted at Macquarie University Department of Chiropractic Sciences shows that chiropractic treatment can improve the symptoms of migraine by 67%.  The study also reinforces previous findings which show that patients reported a greater reduction in the severity of the attacks after chiropractic care compared with other forms of treatment.

Migraines no longer have to be endured or overtake your normal life: chiropractic treatment offers a solution to reduce the impact and duration of  attacks. 



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