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Dance Your Way To Knee Pain
Back and forth, around and around, to the left, to the right, then back again. The repetitive movements of dance can contribute to any number of injuries, including tendonitis and stress fractures.

Although ballet is considered one of the more graceful and delicate types of dance, ballet movements and positions can place particular stress on the foot, ankle and knee.

A survey of 22 ballet dancers (16 women and 6 men) examined the relationship between ballet and the incidence of knee injury. All but one of the 22 reported experiencing some type of knee injury during their ballet training and career, with injuries occurring most frequently to the front of the knee.

The survey also revealed that only eight of the 21 dancers who reported a knee injury had practiced any specific preventive exercises (i.e., stretching, strengthening, etc.). Following their injuries, almost all of the injured dancers began to incorporate such exercises into their regular routine , with a decrease in the frequency of re-occurrence.

So get out on that floor and move to the rhythm! But before you do, consider the potential for injury. Don’t wait until after you get hurt to decide to adopt preventive exercises. Healthwise Chiropractor, Robert Tosswill, with his post graduate training in sports injuries can assist you with the exercise program.


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