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Chronic Tight Muscles

Whilst most people consult a Chiropractor for back pain, the skills of chiropractic practice go far beyond treating back pain. Many sports people use chiropractic for the treatment of recurrent injuries such as strains or general muscle tightness and lack of flexibility. The reason for this is that Chiropractors deal with the nervous system and its effects on the body. As the nerves supply the muscles, what appears to be a muscle problem may, in fact, be a problem with the signal to the muscles from the nerves!

A typical case like this is chronic tight leg muscles. In this case, no matter how much stretching the patient does, the muscles only free up for a short period of time and then return to their tight state. The patient had no history of lower back pain, just occasional tightness and had been having regular massage sessions to try to release these leg muscles.

Examination of the lower back found problems in the base of the spine and pelvis area, which was irritating the nerves that supplied the leg muscles causing them to tighten. A series of treatments were undertaken in conjunction with the continuation of the stretching. The results were an increase in the flexibility of muscles, which stayed flexible for longer periods. All of a sudden those Yoga classes weren’t that hard!

These types of nervous system problems are surprisingly common and are regularly involved in chronic or recurring muscular injuries. So next time you have a recurring muscle problem ask yourself, could it be a nerve problem?


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