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Small Movement Big Pain

But I Only.......
This is one of the most common things to hear in a clinic such as Healthwise. It is true that it may not be a big thing that you have done that has ended you with this much pain, but the little thing you did do is the last in a line of events most of which were probably small and insignificant. These events all add together to give the final result, Pain!!!

There is an old saying, “look after the little things and the big ones will look after themselves”. This is very true with your health as well. The little things whether it be your posture, your diet, exercise level (or lack thereof), are the basis on which you are able to do the big things in life. They are the foundations on which you build your health. If these are not right then forget about the big things as you may have difficulty getting out of bed!

Using the example of good posture, if you don’t sit properly and slouch then you can’t breathe properly. This means you get tired by the end of the day and are too tired to exercise. When you are tired you tend to reach for the ‘convenience’ foods most of which are easy on the preparation but hard on the body. This promotes a whole new series of problems, none of which are very attractive.

The same flow on effects from any of the simple things can be shown from any of the many small things that we do. Nothing has no effect, the body is too complex for that.

So look after the small things and the big things may just take care of themselves.

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