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Keys to Keeping Back Pain Away

Up to 70% of all back pain is posture related, the following are some simple preventative strategies.

Sitting – sit straight with your bottom as far back in your seat as possible, you should feel an equal amount of pressure under each buttock. Never sit with a wallet in your back pocket.

Driving – when driving, your seat should be positioned so that you can place your feet flat on the floor between the pedals whilst your bottom is as far back in the seat as possible. If you can’t, your seat is too far back from the dashboard. Now that you are sitting correctly in your car, check your mirrors, you should not have to slouch forward to look into them.

Spines have a tendency to bend sideways toward the side of your body that you use most. Try to work as ambidextrously as possible, even something as simple as brushing your hair, carrying a briefcase or shaving with the hand that you don’t usually use will help.

Any exercise is better than none, but the very best exercises for your spine are activities such as yoga, swimming and Tai Chi which are low impact and promote symmetrical muscle tone. Results from a recent study involving 125 back pain patients, showed that patients who exercised consistently following treatment suffered from less pain and missed less work, compared with patients who remained inactive following treatment.

If you don’t have the time to exercise you will never afford the time and money it will take to fix your back further on down the track.

You may not be able to avoid back pain, but when it hits, there’s definitely something you can do about it. Your Chiropractor can provide you with more information on the causes and treatment for back pain


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