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Fit To Garden
Gardening whilst a relaxing pastime can also be very hard on the body. This is not just the extremes of digging out stumps and other rigorous activities but includes the simple activities such as planting and weeding.

Although not making you sweat and groan, these activities can and do stress the body especially when they are done for extended periods of time. It is in fact the time frame involved, that is the important factor not the intensity.

 Sitting or kneeling and leaning forward, places stress on the body and it is this low level of stress over an extended period that creates the problem.

 The answer is simple, kerb the enthusiasm and do it a bit at a time. Work up your activity level, don’t jump straight in. Mix and match your activities, so that you don’t do all the weeding in one day. Stretch before starting. Variety is the key to maintaining yourself as well as the garden.

 As with all activity preparation is the key aspect. You wouldn’t put plants in the ground without preparing the soil first. Look after your body as well as you look after the garden. Then you will feel as good as your garden looks. Happy Gardening.

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