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About Robert
Robert is a chiropractor well known in the local area. He has developed interests over the years in sports injuries and pediatric conditions.
Robert treats the whole range of chiropractic conditions from acute neck and back injuries to management of degenerative conditions. 
Robert holds a Masters Degree in Chiropractic from Macquarie University and a post-graduate diploma in Chiropractic Sports Science.
As part of this diploma he had to design training and rehabilitation programs for athletes while working closely with their coaches and trainers. Working with other personnel on the development of the athlete has given Robert an insight into the benefits of a team approach to injury management, which he now integrates into his recovery plans.
On the initial visit with Robert, he will take a comprehensive history of the complaint, together with lifestyle events that may be relevant to the overall prognosis or underlying cause. This will be followed by a full physical, neurological and chiropractic specific examination of the whole spine to ensure any underlying problems are diagnosed.
At the conclusion of the initial consultation, Robert will advise whether your condition can be helped by chiropractic care.
The second visit will include the presentation of a written report on your condition, an overall prognosis and plan of care.    This plan of care will include the range of techniques that may be used to enhance your chiropractic care. Techniques may include soft tissue work, laser therapy and ultrasound together with the necessary chiropractic adjustments.    All patients receive as part of the plan of care, stretching routines and exercises to assist in the recovery and stabilization of the body.
Robert believes that periodic check ups to maintain the benefits obtained by chiropractic care will enable his patients to enjoy a fuller and more productive life.

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